Hay Lake Park & MarinaLittlefield Township, Michigan

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The 24-acre Hay Lake Marina Site parcel accessing the Crooked River/Hay Lake waterway north of Alanson was acquired with MNRTF grant support. The project area has 3 acres of upland and 21 acres of wooded wetland. Development plans for this phase include redevelopment of the former private marina as an approximately 30-slip public marina. The plan also features a small boat launch to MDNR standards and a Universal Access (UA) kayak/canoe launch site water trail head with on-site car-trailer and car parking and UA restroom/shower building. Other amenities include accessible walks, park amenities, parking and UA elevated wetland overlook and LID storm water management measures. 

Conceptual design and preliminary engineering plans and opinion of costs were prepared supported with concurrent MNRTF Development Grant and MDNR Waterways Grant-in-Aid grant submittals. In April of 2016, The MDNR Waterways grant was secured, which will provide over $185,000 in funds for the boat launch and support facility construction. The Township has committed over $1.1M in matching funds for the two grants to complete Phase 1 of this $2.7M (estimated) overall project.