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The ability to understand water movement and abundance in the subsurface is crucial in making intelligent environmental and business decisions. Gosling Czubak has decades of experience with hydrogeological investigations and groundwater evaluations. Our hydrogeological services are used by community governments, agri-business, and retail petroleum, oil and gas, and mining industries.

Gosling Czubak’s hydrogeologic services include:

  • Aquifer Testing (Pumping, step, and drawdown tests)
  • Wellhead Protection Area Determinations
  • Wellhead Protection Program Development and Management
  • Aquifer Drawdown Predictions and Conflict Studies
  • Adverse Resource Impact Evaluations
  • 3D Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport Modeling
  • Particle Tracking and Capture Zone Analysis
  • Water Well Mapping
  • Water Well Design
  • Long or Short-Term Water Level Monitoring
  • Risk-Based Contaminant Fate Evaluation

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