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Groundwater Sampling
Well Installation

Groundwater monitoring wells are essential to provide reliable and representative water samples to monitor the quality of aquifers. Gosling Czubak can install high quality monitoring wells up to five inches in diameter using a variety of steel and PVC casing and screens.


Well construction details must be selected based on the geologic conditions and types of chemical constituents being analyzed. Gravel pack of the well screen and grouting of the annular space is critical to provide sediment-free samples and to prevent cross-contamination between aquifers. Proper attention to monitoring well construction details can provide years of reliable samples for groundwater monitoring. Our drilling crews are eager to provide high-quality well installation services to help you provide positive project outcomes.


Our capabilities include:
     • Monitoring Wells
     • Temporary Wells
     • Multi-Level Piezometers
     • Vertical Aquifer Profiling
     • Groundwater and Vapor Recovery Wells
     • Air Sparge Wells
     • Split-Spoon Sampling
     • Pump Installation
     • Recovery Well and System Maintenance
     • Well Abandonment

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