Quality Matters in Construction Staking

Construction Staking: 3 Ways Quality Pays


Construction season is again in full swing across northern Michigan. And, with such a short season and so many projects, there's no time to waste.

Did you know that carefully selecting your surveying consultant can not only increase onsite productivity, but also help protect you through additional quality control? Here are 3 reasons that quality pays when it comes to construction staking.


1. Increases Productivity

The world of construction is fast-paced and constantly changing. A survey crew with the flexibility and staff capacity is imperative to getting work done efficiently and correctly. With a busy workload, no one wants to be on the hook with an idle crew waiting while surveyors mark roads, curbs or building sites. A surveyor's job is to get in and get out accurately and efficiently, so work can proceed as scheduled.


2. "Last Line of Defense"

While most survey crews are equal as far as getting the staking done, some are able to go beyond by using decades of experience to point out things that "just don't seem right." For example, re-checking a curb grade takes only minutes, but as the project progresses, small errors become much more complex problems. Surveyors can also serve as an extra source of QA/QC for the contractor while on the job site. 

When site, design or plan issues or discrepancies do arise, experienced surveyors can act as an advocate by communicating with design professionals to quickly resolve the problem and keep the project moving forward.


3. Translating Design to Construction

Engineering plans are comprehensive, detailed and sometimes tricky to interpret by the untrained eye. Getting construction projects off the ground begins with translating these plans into points that, when staked at the site, guide contractors. While it sounds simple, this is often a complicated and time-consuming process requiring diligence and precision. Experienced surveyors have spent decades refining this process while ensuring accuracy, which can shave days off a project's schedule. Getting stakes in faster means starting construction faster, which is always the goal.


Gosling Czubak's surveying teams have provided layout and construction staking for a variety of projects in Michigan for decades. Our work includes construction staking for roads, buildings, mixed-use developments, utility infrastructure, communications and natural gas facilities. Our accuracy and rapid response saves both time and money for owners and contractors. For more information, or for a quote on a project, contact Craig Pullen, P.S.


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