Sidelining Schedule Delays

Top 5 Techniques to Maximize Testing Efficiency


Delays and inefficiencies can be costly across the life of a project. Time is money, and no one wants to be on the hook with an idle crew waiting for a technician to give them the go ahead. Imagine saving just an hour each day through efficient and timely testing techniques. For a 3-4 man crew over 90 days, the savings can equal up to 450 man hours!

So, how do you know your testing agency is working efficiently?


Establish A Roller Pattern

Technicians should establish a roller pattern that will achieve the required density compaction, and then comminicate that with the contractor. This technique will allow for uniform density throughout the fill being placed, while also minimizing failing tests and re-tests. 


Examine Backfill Material Early and Often

Note changes, such as color or gradation, in the backfill material and establish appropriate proctor values before the material is needed. Time is money, and no one wants to wait for 30 minutes with an idle crew while the technician establishes a new value for the material several times each day.


Prequalify Materials

Prequalify materials being used for specification verification well in advance of its use on the project, when possible. This way, should the materials fail to meet requirements, there is time to source an alternate material. Certainly, it's more efficient than removing non-compliant materials after they've already been placed.


Communicate with Building Inspectors

For reinforcement in footings, slabs and walls, it is possible to get authorization from the Building or Construction Code Office to allow the technician or engineering firm to provide these inspections. This eliminates potential delays in coordinating schedules, and can be done just ahead of the concrete placement, saving hours and sometimes, days.


Prequalify the Concrete Mix

Prequalifying the concrete mix design is a simple way to ensure the product is adequate for its intended purpose. This can be done with trial batching or pre-testing from another job using the same mixture type.


Gosling Czubak has become a trusted QA/QC partner on transportation, development, municipal and industrial projects. Our goal is always top-notch project delivery, as safely and efficiently as possible. To learn more about our testing services, contact Jeff Kowalski.


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