Combating Shoreline Erosion

3 Effective Shoreline Protection Strategies

Lake Michigan has been at or above ordinary high level for months now. Combined with strong windstorms, the high water level has caused catastrophic erosion, lake bluff collapse and damage to structures up and down the shore of Lake Michigan. For those with property on the lakeshore, concern of erosion and damage is real and palpable.

Fortunately, there are measures to be taken to protect your shoreline and property.


1. Plan Ahead

Installation of shoreline protection measures typically require EGLE and USACE permitting, and could include other considerations such a critical dune area requirements and an understanding of adverse effects due to new shoreline construction. Depending on each site's unique situation, the data collection, design and permitting can take several months or more to complete. Final construction installations will be even further out depending on weather, agency backlogs, contractors and material availability. In the process for installing shoreline protection, being ahead of the game is critical.


2. Understand the Options and Limitations

Due to a multitude of factors, it is imperative to understand the constraints and opportunities that will guide the final design and construction of any shoreline protection measure. Gosling Czubak's extensive knowledge in Lake Michigan and inland lake shoreline protection design and permitting will allow us to quickly assess your situation and present options in moving forward through the process.

Gosling Czubak's trained surveying staff has worked along Lake Michigan's shoreline for over six decades. Our various methods to perform a topographical survey of existing conditions can include a total station, GPS or UAS (aerial drone). Depending on the site conditions, we have the instruments necessary to gather the needed data quickly, accurately and most importantly, safely.


3. Be a Good Neighbor

With our survey staff's ability to establish boundaries of these lakefront properties, you can ensure that any shoreline protection measures should not unfairly encroach on neighboring properties. However, there are instances in which a multi-parcel cooperative approach is the most effective. Communication with neighbors is an important initial step in any property risk assessment.


Whether you are protecting your existing property and shoreline, or you have questions about how to integrate proper shoreline construction methods into a resilient waterfront design, we can help! Contact us for assistance of your waterfront consulting needs.


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