Expanded Drilling Services

Rock Coring Added as a New Service

Gosling Czubak is excited to announce the addition of rock coring to its offering of drilling services. A method of drilling to obtain samples of solid, fractured or weathered rock formations, rock coring is useful for the exploration of structures, mineral deposits and rock quarries. Samples can be laboratory tested for load bearing capacity, hydraulic conductivity, porosity and mineral or chemical content.

First Projects have Proven Successful

Gosling Czubak's professional staff recently completed geotechnical engineering and drilling services for an industrial client's proposed plant upgrade. The work included developing geotechnical design criteria regarding foundations for the proposed expansion and upgrade project. Soil borings and rock coring were completed in overburden and intensely fractured limestone to depths of up to 70 feet.

Additional Drilling Services

Since 1957, Gosling Czubak has provided a full range of environmental and geotechnical drilling services. By having drilling capabilities in-house, we can maximize rig scheduling flexibility to accomplish our clients' projects quickly. In addition to rock coring, the drill rig completes soil borings for foundation investigations and hydrogeologic investigations through installation of groundwater monitoring wells. To learn more about our drilling services, click here to contact us.

Curious to Know More?

Our drilling crews have worked on thousands of projects throughout Michigan, including those in lake and river beds and at sites difficult to access. This experience gives our staff the background to accurately and quickly assess geologic conditions and their effect on clients' projects.