Getting the Dirt on Foundation Soils

Getting the Dirt on Foundation Soils


Why do soil properties matter? Are all soils suitable for construction? And, what happens if they are ignored? Think of soil as another construction material. Its properties are just as important as those of the concrete thet is poured on it.


Soil is a Construction Material

Like any other construction material, soil deflects under a load. The amount of load it can support changes based on the properties on any site. So, just as we would test concrete to ensure proper strength, the same should be done to soil.

Weak or soft soils can result in excessive settlement, unsightly cracks, and comprimised safety of the structure. Along the lakeshore and scenic bluff of northern Michigan, these problems are usually complicated and expensive. And yet, they are 100% avoidable with a geotechnical (soil) exploration.


Are all Soils Suitable for Construction?

NO! Not all soils are suitable for construction in their native state. Very few, actually.

However, a geotechnical investigation can help determine the properties of the soil you're working with, and how best to proceed. Many times, problem soils can be improved, removed and replaced, or a deep foundation system can be installed to support the construction. Call us, we can help!

For more information on common foundation problems, click here to download our 7 Warning Signs of Poor Foundations card.



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