Reaching the Unreachable - 3D Laser Scanning

3-D Laser Scanning


In today's boom of residential and commercial renovation and redevelopment, efficiency is the name of the game. Many modern building construction projects proceed quickly through conception and planning, only to be held up by inaccurate or incomplete as-built data needed for design.

Enter 3-D laser scanning. Scanning delivers a complete set of survey data with unmatched access and accuracy. How exactly does it work and how can it keep your project moving forward? Read below to learn more.


What is Laser Scanning?

Partnered with survey accuracy control, laser scanning is a method of remotely collecting comprehensive survey data within a single site visit. The data, which oftentimes includes that unreachable by conventional methods, is then processed into a "point cloud" (pictured). The processed survey data can be used in many applications and provides accuracies within millimeters. Laser scanning can also be used to quickly access measurements to determine wall integrity, concrete slab conditions, piping, HVAC systems, structural steel, etc. 

Aside from its comprehensive nature, laser scanning can save thousands of dollars on a project by eliminating the cost and time wasted making multiple trips to a site.


What are the Applications?

Scanning can be beneficial to quite literally all construction renovation and redevelopment projects. Especially suited are commercial and residential developments, institutions such as hospitals and schools, condominiums, and other mixed-use properties. To learn if laser scanning might be appropriate for your next interior renovation, contact Mike Stocking to learn more.


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