Streamlined Approach to Development

Environmental contamination? Wetland worries? Zoning headaches?

Commercial development projects are a web of constantly changing requirements and regulations. Understanding and incorporating them - or finding creative alternatives - during the early stages is vital to any project's success. Let us help navigate your way.


Environmental Assessment

Managing Environmental Risk

Potential development sites often have environmental conditions that could effect the scope of development. An Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) completed early in the process can identify potential issues, and establish the developer's exposure to potential environemnatl risk and liability.

Defining Wetlands

Laws regulating wetlands and required permits are daunting; however, we can identify the potential effect of wetlands on a project and guide the project through the MDEQ permitting process.


When, Where and How to Build

Zoning Regulations

While many commercial developments can be considered a use by right, others may require special use permits or other options available in the local zoning ordinance.

Geotechnical Investigation

The types of soils present at a site can have a significant impact on the type of foundation necessary to support a building. Our drill rig and geotechnical team routinely drill soil borings, analyze the soils, and provide foundation and pavement design recommendations.

Survey and Site/Civil

Surveying and site engineering get the project moving from the investigations toward permitting and construction. Most importantly, a realistic site plan helps avoid costly extras during construction.


Curious to Know More?

Our recent development experience includes student housing, local fire stations, retail locations, and apartment communities.


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