Utilizing 3-D Renderings

Bring Your Project to Life with 3-D Visualizations


What are 3-D Renderings?

3-D visualizations are digitally created true-to-scale computer models of proposed environments. They are one of the best tools to design, plan, understand, evaluate, decide and engage people on the proposed design of a project before it's ever built. With recent technological advances, we use and can offer these visualization services as a cost-effective option for municipalities.


How are they used?

Most people cannot read technical project plans, and traditional 2-D "fake" views, such as elevations and sections, are equally challenging to interpret.

Virtually building 3-D projects from the start provides a better way for all to see ahead to what could and may be built. Constituents can react and provide feedback with more confidence in their understanding of what is being proposed. Color rendering and textures, true-to-life objects and scale make it easier for even the newest viewers of the project to understand and provide their reactions from a non-technical perspective.


What are the applications?

Applications for 3-D visualizations are endless, but most commonly include grant graphics, public exhibits, real-time design sessions, and virtual tour progress meetings. Of course, digital and printed presentations are available at our finger tips and yours.

We excitedly invite you to join us and enter the world of 3-D design to plan and use your next project. Contact us to learn more.


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