Visioning a Whole New Downtown

East Jordan Waterfront Visioning


Its been said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Never is that more true than in the case of community planning. Take the City of East Jordan, for example. Read below to learn how a small boat launch relocation project evolved into a comprehensive downtown plan, poising the City for nw growth and development opportunities.


More than a Boating Access Site

In early 2017, the City of East Jordan issues an RFP for improvements to an existing boat launch site. After preliminary study, however, the opportunity was discovered for much more.

The better part of the next year was spent completing a comprehensive waterfront planning study, which broke the entire area into three "nodes," each with specific needs and goals. Some required safety improvements, others were recreation or transportation-related.

Through the process, community members and leaders were key participants in evaluating what was most necessary for and desired by their community.


A Destination for Development

The study concluded with the development of a "to-do" list of improvements to be implemented over the coming years.

By visioning the downtown as a whole, instead of individual facilities and components, the City gains a clear identity and direction for its future. Goals are intentionally set, and its success is inevitable.

We are excited for the City and share in its pursuit to become one of northern Michigan's premier development destinations.


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