Wastewater Lagoon Facility Complete in Markey Township

Gosling Czubak completed the reconstruction design of an existing 97.8 million gallon (MG) per year wastewater lagoon facility in Markey Township for the Houghton Lake Sewer Authority. The existing facility had been experiencing significant leakage from their existing lagoons, to the extent that water was leaking at a rate at or above the wastewater influent rate to the facility. Additionally, the onsite monitoring wells were showing increased levels of nitrogen, which prompted the HLSA to repair the lining system.


The project included a new double composite liner for the lagoon system that consisted of two 17 MG aeration lagoons, one 14.5 MG storage lagoon and two 21 MG storage lagoons. Also included were new gates and replacement of the aging aeration and irrigation systems. The facility is now equipped with high efficiency, low decibel blowers (to reduce noise complaints) and an irrigation system with new pumps and a center pivot covering 65 acres.