Wastewater Treatment Plant Complete in Elk Rapids

Construction was recently completed at the new wastewater treatment plant in the Village of Elk Rapids. Gosling Czubak designed the 582,000 gallon per day wastewater treatment plant, an extended aeration mechanical plant/lagoon hybrid process and serves the residential and commercial district in the Village.

This project was explored due to increased operation and maintenance problems at the previously existing plant, as well as interest in a local fruit processing facility, Burnette Foods, to connect to the system. The type of wastewater generated by this type of food processing is often ten times the strength of residential sewage. Careful planning and design were required to anticipate these higher operational demands. The anticipated wastewater strength substantially increased the sewer bills beyond what the existing customers would be willing to pay. The project was made viable with the assistance and cooperation with Burnette Foods. Burnette Foods wanted the project to proceed and worked with the Village and Gosling Czubak to agree to an upfront capital contribution of $1.5M to help build the new treatment facility.

The project cost is estimated at $4.7M and will include a completely new wastewater plant within the footprint of the existing plant. Gosling Czubak assisted the Village in obtaining loans from the State Revolving Fund.