Wellhead Protection Plan Grants Now Available

2019 Wellhead Protection Plan Grants Available


Every community needs clean drinking water. Did you know that a Wellhead Protection Plan (WHPP) can help? By minimizing the potential for groundwater contamination and costly cleanups, WHPPs are effective in protecting this valuable resource.

Learn how Gosling Czubak can help your community receive assistance with e WHPP grant. Applications are due June 15, 2018.


What is Wellhead Protection?

Wellhead protection is protection of the public groundwater supply wells from potential sources of contamination. Be defining the area(s) that contribute(s) groundwater to public wells, we can manage and control the threat of contamination.

Why does it matter?

  • Greater protection of the health and safety for users of the groundwater supply
  • Protection of the financial investment made by your community in the groundwater supply
  • Reduction of potential costly monitoring of drinking water


WHPP Grant Details

Example grant eligible activities include:

  • Developing or supporting a loca Source Water Protection (SWP) program
    • Delineation
    • Contaminate source inventory
    • Management strategy
    • Public participation
  • Updating an existing WHPP (required every six (6) years)


Interested? We Can Help!

Grant applications are now available and are due on June 15, 2018.

We have assisted 20 communities across the state in securing grant assistance for their WHPPs. The most technically demanding portion of developing a WHPP is defining the geographic area that supplies water to each well. This process, known as "delineation," requires hydrogeological and engineering skill. Our staff has both!

Contact us to learn more or download our Statement of Qualifications here.


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