Clare's Country CornerBoyne City, Michigan

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The Clare's Country Corner project was completed under a DTMB-ISID contract at an abandoned gasoline station in Charlevoix County. Soil and groundwater were contaminated with hydrocarbons from historic releases from underground storage tanks. Gosling Czubak completed site characterization work, including soil and groundwater sampling. Site characterization work included preparation of a site specific health and safety plan (HASP), installation, sampling, and surveying of groundwater monitoring wells, preparation of a Remedial Investigation Report and Feasibility Study. Gosling Czubak then prepared bid specifications for site remediation. 


Remedial activities required demolition of the on-site building, including asbestos and lead paint surveys and subsequent mitigation. Soil and groundwater contamination were addressed via excavation and dewatering. The excavation required the design and installation of a temporary earth retaining system. Dewatering discharge required treatment of recovered groundwater and was done under a NPDES permit, which was acquired by Gosling Czubak. Gosling Czubak provided construction oversight of all on-site remedial activities. After completion of the remedial activities, subsequent groundwater monitoring conducted by the MDEQ has documented the effectiveness of the remedial efforts.