Four Corners Remediation SystemTraverse City, Michigan

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Gasoline and fuel releases were confirmed at four different gas stations at the corner of Front and Division Streets in Traverse City in the 1990s. Groundwater and free product from the sites comingled. The State of Michigan retained Gosling Czubak in the Fall of 2011 to assist with the site remediaton in advance of its redevelopment as a retail drug store. Gosling Czubak designed and oversaw the installation of a multi-phase extraction system designed to remediate vapors from the soil and groundwater. During new construction on the site, a vapor barrier was installed beneath the building.

Gosling Czubak’s work included: preparing a site specific health and safety plan (HASP), installing, surveying and sampling monitor wells, managing the investigation waste, preparing a Remedial Investigation Report, designing a vapor and liquid multiphase extraction system, preparing a bid specification package, construction remediation administration, provided full-time oversight, oversaw all operation and maintenance activities and provided comments about optimization of the treatment system.